Physical Therapy Advanced Training 

Nathan Trout, MPT

Advanced Training


Manual Therapy for the Spine and Extremities

The mobilization of joints increases the range of motion, decreases pain, and improves movement.

Myofascial Release

The stretching of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue overlying muscle) increases circulation so healing of injured tissue may occur.

Dry Needling

The specific placement of needles to diminish high muscle tone.

Functional Spinal Stabilization

The use of muscles to appropriately stabilize the spine/pelvis; we teach this in ways so one may incorporate the exercises into everyday life.

Balance Training and Fall Prevention

Our Physical Therapist team has spent many years working in the Home Health Care setting.  This experience plus numerous additional courses has taught us how to effectively improve one’s balance and prevent falls. We know how to make your home safe to decrease the likelihood of a fall; our approach is comprehensive and effective.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

The inner ear is one of our primary systems to keep us upright. Our vestibular rehab program identifies the part of the inner ear that is causing the imbalance, vertigo, or dizziness, then treats the problematic part. We also assess the vestibular system when a person reports balance problems, dizziness, or has had a head injury or car accident.

Walking or running Improvement

Assessment of biomechanics (how body parts move) from the head to the toes can help a person walk without pain, walk further, or meet the goal of running further and faster. Walking and balance go hand in hand for the elderly and can eliminate nagging injuries for active persons. We have also recently developed a Gait Analysis Program that includes a comprehensive physical examination plus videotaping that allows us to slow the motion to identify more areas of restrictions that need addressing.

Post-surgical Care

Total knee, shoulder, and hip replacement; rotator cuff repairs; neck and back surgeries, fusions; ankle and foot surgeries; all are treated effectively through physical therapy. Think of us after other surgeries as well to obtain effective recuperation programs to get get back your strength and stamina more quickly.

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab

Your heart and lungs need exercise too; structured and monitored rehab programs improve your safety and outcomes after surgery or disease to the heart and/or lungs. Few Physical Therapist do pulmonary rehab; we have done this since 1996.

Post-pneumonia Rehab

We will help you return to your normal activity much more quickly following a bout of pneumonia. We have a comprehensive program to increase strength and endurance, ease breathing and decrease shortness of breath, and improve your balance that is affected by strength loss while you were so ill.

Stroke Rehab

Strokes affect strength, balance, transfers, walking, and decision making; deficits with all of these skills can be improved upon with our physical therapy approach to stroke rehab.

Continued Self-Care Instruction

Your physical therapy care doesn’t end with us after your formal physical therapy ends. We want to be your PT for life! Does your doctor ever discharge you? No, but he/she ends an episode of care for a condition. And if you need your Doctor again you call him/her, or you go see him/her.

Treating through the continuum of care

You can bring your premature, newborn infant or your 105 year old grandparent to us. We have treated all ages and have worked in virtually every setting where a Physical Therapist is found:

  • Early Intervention (Birth to 3 yrs old)
  • Schools
  • Outpatient Orthopedic Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Home Health Care
  • Hospice 

New Patient

You will need to fill out the our New Patient Registration Form, print it out, and bring completed paperwork to your first appointment. Your Physical Therapist needs the completed paperwork for the initial evaluation.

Returning Patient

Returning patient paperwork is for patients whom we have seen within the last 2 years and are returning to us for care. You will need to fill out and bring completed paperwork to your appointment. 

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